Massage Therapy is an investment in the health and vitality of the individual.

Research has shown a reduction in stress, an increase in energy, and a better functioning immune system by seeking natural sources of relaxation such as touch.

In this modern-day society, massage has become an important part of holistic healthcare. Sports massage is designed to increase flexibility, stimulates the immune system, reduces tissue damage, and improves circulation by improving circulation between all areas of the body. Sports massage also helps to maintain proper body alignment and eliminate nervous/muscle tension. Chronic pain is a problem that is treated both physiologically and psychometrically.

There are many benefits of massage therapy. Massage increases respiratory flow – It has been said that 100 drops of milk can help 30% of the body.

Massage Therapy eases muscle tension – Yoga is a great way to relieve the tension built up tension and pain.

Massage increases overall body flexibility – Those with joints that are tight often times are unable to properly utilize their full range of movement due to the restrictions of the tight joints. Massage eases these restrictions and helps to restore a full range of mobility to the body.

Massage relieves menstrual discomfort – The muscles are stretched during massage which helps the body to relax in a way that is similar to the way menstrual fluid is pushed out of the body during menstruation.

Massage increases circulation – The stimulation of blood flow in the body helps to flush out toxins from the body even if we are just sitting around.

Massage eases muscle and joint pain – When the muscles get sore after a strenuous activity, massage can help to relieve some of the discomfort.

Massage improves overall body relaxation – We all have a natural tendency to become more comfortable and relaxed after a massage. Once again, this is a natural reaction and something that can be receptors trained. The soothing feeling of massage can help us to be more comfortable and relaxed after a day at work.

Some have claimed that massage can help people with many ailments, but that has been proven over time as massage has been practiced for thousands of years and still to this day is bringing people relief. Click here for more information on the benefits and studies of massage therapy.