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Ayten Çetinkaya and the Oreo Hotel Team

Ayten ÇetinkayaMeet Ayten Çetinkaya and her staff, your local connection for the Oreo Hotel in Kaş, Turkey.

Ayten is a graduate of Dokuz Eylül university with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management and has been the manager of the Oreo Hotel since 2008.

Ayten was born in Bitlis, but because her father was in the military, Ayten’s family moved around Turkey. They lived in many different places such as Aydın, Istanbul and even Cyprus. This experience created in her an appreciation and understanding of cultural differences and geographical locations.

When she first moved to Kaş in 1997 she initially worked as a waiter in Sultan Garden, Bahçe, and Acropol restaurants. Later she became the food and beverage manager of the Aqua Park Hotel.

Her husband is Alemdar Çetinkaya, they were married in 1999 and Bulut is their eight year old son. Alemdar was the manager of Oreo Hotel for five years before Ayten started her current position, so it seems that hotel management runs in the family.

Ayten believes in a team effort to make the guests at the Oreo Hotel feel they have a “home away from home” while they are on holiday. She believes her staff are “fun, funny and friendly.” She has a very experienced staff, many of whom have been with the hotel for many years. For example, Erol the technical person has been there for 10 years, Kamile, the housekeeper, has been there for eight years, and the cook has been there for over six years. She has a total of nine full time staff to help run the hotel during the peak season.

Several amenities make staying at the Oreo Hotel a plus. Ayten says the hotel has “great food, the best in Kaş.” The menu is mostly Turkish cuisine and many diners come to eat at their restaurant or buffet even though they are not guests at the hotel. Evening meals are usually buffet style outdoors by the pool, providing a calm setting to finish off the day. If you are a vegetarian you have no fear of eating at Oreo Hotel she says. Many of their dishes are vegetarian, cooked in olive oil and coming fresh from seasonal local gardens. Of course if you like döner, fish or fowl they are also part of the mixed and varied menu offerings.

The hotel is very family oriented and there is a pool for children. There are both open and closed restaurant areas and a bar poolside and one inside the hotel. The garden is a delight with bougainvillea and other luxuriant foliage. The hotel is just a few minutes walk to the Kaş city center and yet in a quiet location enabling a peaceful sleep at night. The hotel has 31 rooms on three levels. All the rooms have air conditioning (klima) and showers. The view from the balconies facing Kaş are spectacular, see them to believe them.

Ayten invites you to visit the Oreo Hotel for a “çay” anytime during the season from April until the end of October and sometimes into November. Come look it over, she is sure you will be pleased to be her guest.